There are many reasons to get a home inspection. When buying a new or existing home, or just getting a check-up on the home you have had for several years, our services help protect your investment.

A home purchase is made with emotion. You must remember it is also an investment and a structure with many components. Buying an existing home is like buying a used car, you don’t know if the previous owner has maintained it properly and you don’t know how long its components may last. A home inspection reduces the uncertainty and provides you with a detailed picture of the property you are buying. It enables you to buy with confidence and plan for upcoming expenses. It also educates you on how to maintain you investment.

When buying a new home you expect that the builder has done everything right. Even the best builders can miss something. Many trades are involved and there are many components to a home. Getting a third party inspection double checks that the builder has not missed anything and documents any deficiencies, allowing the home owner to have all the tools required to follow up on the builder. An inspection prior to a warranty expiring also empowers the owner to make sure everything is OK with their new home.

Do you want to sell your home more quickly and for the most money?  A pre listing inspection allows you to repair any deficiencies before you list your home and provides a detailed report for the potential buyer.  Your buyer is now empowered to make an offer without the condition of an inspection.  We stand behind our inspections, and are available to the buyer if they have any questions about the inspection we completed.

Over time the components of a home need maintenance. We provide each client with a seasonal maintenance guide to help you protect your investment. Even the most diligent home owner may overlook certain components of their home. A home inspection could be considered a check-up just like going to the doctor. One difference is when you get a check-up from us, we do house calls.

Thermal Imaging lets us see what you can’t see with your eyes.  Everything has its own heat signature and a Thermal Imaging Camara turns those heat signature into an image.  A qualified inspector can analyze those images and assess a homes insulation as well as plumbing, electrical and heating systems.  We can also detect hidden moisture due to a plumbing, roof or foundation leaks.

Our inspectors have a thermal image camara during all inspections, and we use it on every inspection!  Its added value for you and keeps our company a step ahead of the competition that does not use this technology or charges more for applying this useful tool to give you a more thorough inspection.   Here is a  sample of a Thermal Inspection.

Every inspection now includes Recallchek.  We will document the makes and models of your appliances and compare them with our database of appliances.  If a manufacturer has issued a recall on an appliance in your home, it will be repaired free of charge.  Once your Recallchek is activated, it is yours to us forever.  You will be automatically informed of future recalls on items you own, and you have the ability to change your appliance information at anytime, so if you buy a new fridge you can simply add it to your data base.  If you have had an inspection from us prior to 2013,  you did not get the benefit of Recallchek.  You can still set up your home by clicking the link below, the cost is a one time fee of $29.95.