When should you get an inspection?

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When should you get an inspection? Most home inspections are done when a purchaser is purchasing a home from a previous owner.  There are many other times you may want to get a home inspected. Are you building a home?  Most builders are very good, however even the best builder can make mistakes.  They use many trades.  A third party inspection will document any deficiencies so you have a record to refer back to as these deficiencies are completed. Is your warranty almost up?  An inspector will see problems that a home owner may not. Have you been living in your home for a number of years?  It may be time to do some upgrades.  An inspector can let you know what systems in your house may be in need of attention so you can plan for future repairs. Have you had a leak or a flood? Does anyone in your home suffer from Asthma or other respiratory problems?  Is your house damp and musty smelling?  These are reasons to suspect mold in your home.  We can inspect for that as...

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